daan weijers

🤖 code & data experiments

Welcome to a rogue part of my site

I like pushing myself. I like code, and I like data. I love playing around with both, and above everything else: I want to show people it's not only scary, but that it can also be very beautiful.

Doing these experiments keeps me on edge, technology wise. I feel I become a better designer because I am able to communicate in code what I want. I can prototype my designs, I can visualise data to communicate, I can make mock-ups very quickly to see if something works. I encourage you to do the same. This page is always under development.

Location data plot

When I learned I could download my Google Maps location points, I quickly went to experiment with it. (more info coming soon)

Facebook messenger

In four years time, I have sent over 400,000 private messages through facebook messenger. What data can I get from this? (in development)