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Transavia Dreams

What new ways of booking a holiday can we come up with?


Fall 2015


2 days


UX & Illustration

With who?

Bart Jakobs
Stijn Zoontjens
Pim Knops


Flying has become easier and easier over the past few years, but there has been little development in how to book a trip. Transavia Dreams focuses on the final desired experience of a traveller, who might not yet know about his destination.


Drag and drop interface to create postcard

One of the hackathon's stakeholders was Transavia, KLM's daughter flight-carrier, who was looking for an original, playful way to recommend travel destinations to new and existing customers.

Our concept took inspiration from the beautiful postcards from far away: Fields of bright yellow sunflowers, beautiful deep blue oceans, sunny beaches and “greetings from…”

What if someone was able to create their own dream-postcards before travelling in a simple drag and drop interface? Could we then recommend a travel destination, based on the dream-image of the person using our application?

Working prototype

Loading screen of the application

We wanted to make a working prototype, so working with the live-data about flight-destinations Transavia had provided us, we linked every sticker and combination of stickers to a datapoint. Depending on what the postcard looked like, the user would get recommended a location that matched their dreams.

end-screen with travel recommendation and share options

We envisioned this product to be used as a (short-term) marketing campaign for transavia, so building a functional social-media sharing tool was essential for us.

Role in Team

In this super-fast-paced project, I contributed from beginning to end. At the start, we conceptualised and wireframed the idea after which the design and development phase began. In this phase I was responsible for making all the illustrations in a playful and clear style. In the end, I also led the pitch to the judges and stakeholders, resulting in winning our second Dutch Open Hackathon prize


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