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Welcome Home

The winning concept of the first edition of the Dutch Open Hackathon.


Fall 2014


36 hours



With who?

Bart Jakobs
Stijn Zoontjens
Pim Knops


Welcome Home is a concept developed during a hackathon, that allows people to order fresh products when coming home from a holiday. A personalised box will then appear on the conveyer belt, along with the luggage.


A collection of the GUI designs

When you go on a holiday, you empty your fridge and make sure nothing can go bad while you are away. This sadly means you often come home to an empty fridge, also.

WelcomeHome is a service that allows you to order a box filled with essential fresh products for your home, delivered to you at the airport.


Picture of our team

This concept was developed for the Dutch Open Hackathon '14. This hackathon was organised by large Dutch multinationals such as KLM, Schiphol Airport, Philips, Rabobank and Ahold. We worked closely with the technical support of these multinationals to make this idea work within 36 hours.

After the 36 hours and several rounds of pitching, the idea of Welcome Home was selected as overall winner of the hackathon, as well as the winner of the Rabobank sub-category.

Role in Team

In this fast-paced hackathon, the entire team was responsible for fleshing out the general idea and the touchpoints of the service. After this phase, I was responsible for rolling out two versions of a graphical user interface, the last of which I also integrated into a working version using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


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