I'm Daan  —  I call myself a highly-technical product designer.

I'm deeply interested in the way complex systems work and behave, and the role design can and should play in these systems.

I'm a designer and a more-than-decent programmer, interested in iconography, typography and design systems. I learn new things very quickly and thrive when working in teams.

I love to cook and bake, and take my road bike on long rides. I also play Dungeons&Dragons.


I'm a Product designer at Soda Studio, doing projects for:

Twill, where I work as a product designer on the pricing team. Creating new strategies for international shipping. I also play an integral part in setting up and maintaining the design system.

VanMoof, where I designed the configurator of their newest e-bike.

CamperContact, an online platform for camper-travellers, where I was responsible for the redesign of the entire product while continuously testing with their core audiences.


In the first weeks of the COVID pandemic, I created winkeltje.app to offer small businesses a free and easy way to set up a local online store.

I've made a simple CSS Grid Template for myself and everyone else.