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I like to describe myself as a highly technical product designer. Besides having a deep understanding of user experience design & visual design, I’m also a skilled programmer. I learn new things very quickly and I thrive when working in teams.

My life isn’t all design, however. I love to bake & cook, and I take long trips on my road bike. I also play D&D.

Case studies

Circa Alarm


Circa is a deliberately dumb smart alarm. Tailored to helping people sleep better, this alarm analyses sleep patterns and helps to remove distractions from the bedroom.

Banca Mediolanum


Using multiple data sources & other banking accounts in order to make personal banking more secure, transparent and versatile.



A new approach to self-reporting stress levels for students, together with Philips Design.

Other things & experiments

Circlepacker. In order to create a desired graphic-design effect of packing shapes with randomly placed & sized circles, I created a little website.

Gridsys. I needed a comprehensive but flexible CSS grid, so I made one for everyone to have.