Organising my cooking

I'm trying something new: posts that are constantly developing. So, there might no yet be a lot here, or maybe this post is different compared to the last time you were here.

Last update: July 27, 2021

I love cooking. I love spending time in the kitchen, developing new recipes, trying something cool, finding the challenge into making some dish vegetarian or vegan, you name it. Part of this, is that I spend every thursday evening looking for 7 recipes to cook the week after, so my groceries can be delivered to my door on Saturday morning.

Questions I ask myself when making these menus (together with my girlfriend) are: what things are in season? What's on sale? What is my week going to be like, the weather, sports, etc? Will I have time for a lengthy cooking session on Tuesday, or do I need to be quick because I'll be playing Dungeons & Dragons?

So, I thought, I can help myself. I've been willing to make a repository of recipes for a long while now, so I can easily share them with people. And, with the new Notion API, I thought I might be able to help myself suggest some recipes, following some parameters I set every week.

Recipes? URLs? Ingredients?

How to organise 🤔