Express and impress

Something slightly more personal.

I feel like I make things to express. Yet, whenever I am making things that I want to share, the urge to impress takes over. I realise this is nothing unique, new or groundbreaking. It just happens to me, and I thought it'd be nice to put this on digital paper.

Because as I'm writing this on January 31st, I am considering if the simple goal of writing a short, loosely-edited post once per month is too hard. It's not, really. But, as I'm writing this, I am considering making this blog password-protected, temporarily. Then, at least, when I am writing and publishing this, no-one can read it, and no-one will think less of me by writing and publishing it.

Because this little thought is not here to impress. On the contrary. It's to express the fact that I've been having some ideas for things on this blog. Building upon the short things I've already written, or something entirely new. And I'd like to express that I struggle getting them out of my head and onto this space.

I could share some of the pictures I take. I could write a second part to we don't deserve our mediums. I could write about my ADHD and how it helps and hinders me. I could just post a simple recipe for the nice sourdough pizza I've been making lately. I could write about how I want to leverage some simple personal database of recipes to help me make a weekly menu.

See? Lots of ideas. See you next month! :)